A fan asked “Would You be Happy When Fella Makafui comes back” – Medikal Answered

medikal and fella makafui

A Fan asked “Would You be Happy When Fella Makafui comes back” – Medikal Answered.

Aside from releasing a song yesterday to actually confirm the breakup, Medikal would love to have Fella Makafui back into his life.

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In a question and answer session on Twitter, a fan asked the Award-Winning rapper if he would love it when Fella comes back.

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The “Kayayo” hitmaker in an affirmative response said that he would love to have her back and that who doesn’t like good things?

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The fan asked, “#ASKMDK Would u be happy wen fella comes bck…..”.

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In Medikal’s response, he wrote, “Who no like better thing? #ASKMDK“ Proof below.

medikal and fella makafui
medikal and fella makafui


  1. Awww Fella plz go back to AMG kk, I don’t know what happened but I think he still loves u and needs u back, plz kk my Ayigbe beauty…


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